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We offer different levels of servicing to suit the customer, vehicle and the mileage. Servicing is vital to keep your car running healthy. All our service parts are of high quality.

Transmission Service

Transmission fluid is another important part of servicing whether it be manual or automatic as this can cause serious and expensive damage if left too long.

Brake Fluid Service

Brake fluid renewal is as important as any service as it is one part of the braking system that rarely gets changed. We flush out all the old brake fluid and renew the brake fluid.

DPF Servicing

We offer a DPF service as a preventative measure to limit the chance of your DPF System blocking as its becoming more frequent that we are seeing DPF issues coming into the garage. We also offer a DPF unblocking service when required.

New Car Servicing

Since the EU Block Exemption regulations were passed independant garages were able to service vehicles during the warranty period. You will see our services are priced at a fraction of the cost of a dealer with a lot more value for money as well.