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Snap On 3D 4 Wheel Alignment

With more steering and suspension parts of cars becoming adjustable it is important that we have top of the range 4 wheel alignment equipment. We use this set up to align any vehicles that may require it, but also use it to investigate alignment issues if the faults aren't noticeable to the naked eye.

2016 Audi A3 S-Line Quattro Alignment

After one alloy wheel was damaged beyond repair and another one buckled, we replaced 2 alloy wheels and tyres, as well as damaged suspension components at the same time.

Once all repairs were carried out, a full 4 wheel alignment was carried out with our new and up to date 3D 4 Wheel Aligner.

As seen in the print out screen the N/S of the vehicle alignment was out of line. Once all the necessary adjustments were made, the vehicle alignment was true again and ready to return to the customer.

The print out screen shows the before and after alignment. As seen in the before, there is readings in the red meaning it’s out of line. While in the after all the readings are in the green meaning the vehicle is fully aligned.